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Monday, October 17, 2011

Visions of Autumn

First, I'd like to welcome several new subscribers to this photo journal from recent art fairs. Thank you for following my work, and I hope you'll enjoy receiving these updates.

In late September and early October, I camped for 10 consecutive days along Minnesota's Lake Superior North Shore while hiking and photographing the region during peak autumn color. This extended stay among the amazing fall landscape allowed me to visit new locations as well as locations I haven't photographed in years.

Fair weather dominated the peak color season this year. These conditions are not always the best for photography, but they were a blessing for those who were camping, hiking, or just out enjoying the autumn splendor.

This year, the best show of color was generally inland from the lake where the maples set the forest ablaze with fiery hues. The birch and aspen also held nice colors in several spots, but in some spots along the shore, the winds blew down their leaves before they reached peak.

I was fortunate to create a large number of new autumn photographs. The images below represent an early selection from those. I will be posting many more images over the coming weeks as I process them.

I could ramble on, but I will let the photographs speak for themselves . . .

Autumn Dawn - Hunter's Rock

Poplar River Overlook in Autumn

Maple Leaf Impressionism

Spin on Maples

Sunset - Carlton Peak

Four Birches in Fall Forest

Beaver Bay Dusk

Autumn Afternoon - Split Rock Lighthouse

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