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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Temperance River Sunrise

There is something special about a sunrise. In our human view of the world, it marks the beginning of a new day and evokes thoughts of new opportunities. Viewing the sunrise from the edge of a calm Lake Superior strongly amplifies this experience. This image was made near the mouth of the Temperance River in Temperance River State Park, located approximately midway between Duluth and the Canadian border on Lake Superior's North Shore. The park contains some of Lake Superior's most scenic shoreline in Minnesota.

Winter Moonrise Over Lake Superior

Moonrises over Lake Superior are also quite a treat. This image was created near Brighton Beach in Duluth in February.

I originally posted it only on my Facebook page to get some feedback before posting it here, as I wasn't completely sold on the image at the time. The response was affirmative, so I decided to add it to my online gallery.

The many random designs in the ice and embedded driftwood log serving as a leading line to the moon are the key elements that, I think, make this image a keeper.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Aurora Near Home

It was not even one month ago when I saw my first view of the northern lights on Lake Superior's North Shore. I didn't think round two would come so quickly. This time, for better or for worse, I was at home. I knew, due to the highly-publicized nature of the solar storm that triggered these auroras, that I would be venturing out well after dark in pursuit of the elusive lights. This image was captured about five miles north of my Sauk Rapids, MN home.

As with my previous experience with the aurora, the light was discernible with the naked eye with some faint color, but the camera was necessary to truly capture the color and brightness.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Water Slide - Morgan Falls

Now that we have some semblance of real winter here in Minnesota (not to mention it's March already!), I suppose it's appropriate to start thinking about spring!

We have had a very dry last half of 2011, so all of the new snow will be a boon to the rivers and those who enjoy viewing the rushing spring waterfalls.

These photographs were made last year from the Wisconsin side of Lake Superior. The falls, known as Morgan Falls, is located about 17 miles south of Ashland in the remote Chequamegon National Forest.

I found the form of this falls to be quite distinct. It is very narrow and cascades down what seems like a hiking trail switchback. The creek then curves sharply and tumbles down another cascade to a pool below.