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Friday, July 16, 2010

Morning Again

Lake Superior sunrises are a special treat for me, especially since I frequently miss them when clouds enshroud the view or I succumb to the temptation to stay in the confines of my bed at that early hour. I'm glad I didn't miss this one from last autumn!

On my way to Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, cool weather and dark clouds overhead threatened a bout of cold rain and sleet. I was unsure if I would get a glimpse of the sun on this otherwise calm morning. As I was setting up my camera and tripod, the sun peeked over the horizon through a narrow strip between the lake and the dark cloud cover. The clouds overhead, being so dark, made the glow from the distant sun so warm and bright that it was unlike anything I had seen before. It felt like being in a dimly lit room with a bright lamp suddenly switched on at the other end. The bit of mist over the lake also added a nice warm hue to the already stunning scene. I was lucky to get this shot before the sun slipped behind the clouds only seconds later. This majestic sunrise is one I will not soon forget!

Website Upgrade

Regular visitors to this site will likely notice a very different experience starting today. I have completely redesigned the site both structurally and cosmetically to provide a better user experience. Some of the improvements include a more robust gallery engine, lots of tools for interaction and sharing, the ability to search for images, and a more refined overall appearance. Another very exciting feature is the ability for users to securely purchase images directly from this site using a credit card. A variety of print and merchandise options are now available for purchase. That said, I invite you to take a look around the "refreshed" site and at the 38 NEW photos; I think you'll like what you see.