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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Autumn Festival - Shakopee, Minnesota

Good morning!

I wasn't expecting to be making another announcement so soon, but I wanted to let you know about a last-minute addition to my show schedule. This Thursday through Sunday, November 13-16, I will have a booth (indoors, of course) at the Autumn Festival at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN. The hours of the event are Thursday and Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 9am-7pm, and Sunday 10am-5pm. My booth number is 133.

Here's a coupon link for $1.00 off a single admission to the show: http://hpifestivals.com/app/download/7239197442/%241+Discount+Coupon+-+Autumn+Festival+2014.pdf

Also, if you are on my mailing list and visit me at this show, I will deduct the price of your admission (up to $8) from your purchase of $45 or more. Just mention that you are on my mailing list for the discount.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Artists in the Garden at Bachman's and New Photographs

Artists in the Garden

Artists in the Garden
For those of you in the Twin Cities metro, Bachman's on Lyndale in Minneapolis will be hosting its first-ever Artists in the Garden event this weekend, November 8 & 9 (10am - 4pm both days). This event will be held in the (hopefully) warm greenhouse and feature over two dozen artists in a variety of mediums.

I am excited to be supporting this inaugural event as a participating artist. It's a great time of the year to do some early holiday shopping and perhaps even find something to spruce up your home before the holidays arrive.

More info at: http://www.bachmans.com/store-locator.ep?currentNodeBean=SeminarsAndEvents&pageIndex=_pageIndexToken_ArtistsInTheGarden.

If you want to catch me before the end of the year but can't make it to this event, I will also once again be exhibiting my work at Art at Ramsey in Saint Paul on Saturday, December 6.

Recent Photographs from the Pacific Northwest and Lake Superior's North Shore

With my art fair schedule winding down for the season, I have been able to work on several new photographs I've captured throughout the past year...

"Promise of Dawn" - Rowena Crest, Mayer State Park, Oregon, USA

This past spring, I photographed several areas in and around the Columbia River Gorge along Oregon's northern border with Washington. This particular morning was, for sure, a highlight of that trip. The balsamroot and lupines atop Rowena Crest, overlooking the Columbia River, were at peak bloom, and the sunrise was a top five in my book! I was stoked, to say the least!

"Before Driftwood" - Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Rialto Beach, on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula, is well-known for its prominent, just-offshore sea stacks. It is a fantastic location to view sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. The sunset I was hoping for didn't materialize when I was there, so I worked to make the best of the conditions I had before me. These weathered tree branches on the beach really caught my eye, and their silhouette set against the moonlit evening sky made for an compelling semi-abstract photograph!

Not Yet Titled (preliminary edit) - Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota, USA

I captured this image on the shore of Lake Superior during an early fall morning about a month ago. While an explosive sunrise could have made this scene extraordinary, this image exhibits a rather stormy mood that is relatively common on the big lake at this time of year. The rocky point in the background is Shovel Point.

Not Yet Titled (preliminary edit) - Lake Superior, Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA

Lake Superior was peaceful and the sunrise was gorgeous on the morning I made this photograph! I almost gave up with the thick fog that was hanging around. Then, shortly after sunrise, the warm light cut through the fog and created one of the most dreamy atmospheres I have seen in quite awhile! With photography, as in many areas of life, perseverance can make all the difference!

Not Yet Titled (preliminary edit) - Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota, USA

On the second consecutive week that I visited and photographed Lake Superior this fall, I once again found slightly agitated waters, although the overall mood was less stormy this time.

There is something therapeutic about watching and listening to waves crashing ashore. I also find it quite gratifying to capture and portray this energy in a still photograph.

 "Harbor Moonrise" - Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA

Shooting the nearly full moonrise was something I really hadn't given much thought to when I was in Grand Marais last month. I had met up with fellow and local Grand Marais photographer Bryan Hansel after my morning shoot and again around sunset. When he suggested waiting around for the somewhat-late moonrise, I thought it was worth an attempt, even though it would be quite dark by that time.

The disadvantage of photographing a moonrise more than a half-hour after sunset is that it is impossible to obtain an exposure that captures both the detail in the moon and in the surrounding landscape without resorting to processing techniques that would probably result in a rather fake-looking image. Thankfully, there was still enough ambient light to illuminate the harbor landscape and clouds near the horizon to add extra interest. I think the attempt was worth it!