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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Before the Storm - Eagle Harbor Light

I've spent several years traversing seemingly every nook and cranny Lake Superior's North Shore has to offer (I'm far from done!). Superior's other shore always seemed to lurk on the distant horizon, both geographically and in my itinerary. Last month, I finally ventured into parts of this new (for me) territory: Lake Superior's South Shore.

Having spent so much time on the North Shore, I immediately took note of a difference in South Shore life. The South Shore seems to have more of a recreational atmosphere regarding the water with miles of white sand beaches and plenty of boats and kayaks to be found.

My brief survey of the South Shore took me from from Superior, Wisconsin to Copper Harbor in Upper Michigan. One of my most memorable moments from this excursion was standing along the shore below the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse on Upper Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula with a storm front moving in from the west. Perfect! Most photographers know that bad weather often results in the best photographs. As lightning flashed over the lake, I was carefully trying to capture, through a photograph, the mood of this place with a storm coming from behind. I made several exposures near the shore before the storm closed in and became too close for comfort. I then retreated to near the lighthouse to try a few more compositions. The storm seemed relatively tame until I noticed a very ominous-looking cloud deck racing toward the area. I finally gathered my gear and scurried to my car just as a fierce wind started blowing and rain started falling.

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