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Monday, May 28, 2018

June Art Fair Schedule Update


I hope everyone has been enjoying the Memorial Day weekend. It's been more than a little warm in Minnesota lately. Summer is definitely here!

I have some great news to share! We were called from the wait list and will be exhibiting at the Edina Art Fair this upcoming weekend. It's a wonderful, high-quality art fair, and I'm always grateful for the opportunity to display my photography there. If you go, you can find me in Booth #107 on France Avenue, just north of 51st Street. My latest work will be available for purchase.

Here's what else I've got on tap for June. It's gonna be a busy month!

New Release – Sensations of Superior

Sensations of Superior – North Shore of Lake Superior near Covill, Minnesota

There are a number of offshore small islands and rocks that dot the landscape of Lake Superior's North Shore. Few are as beautiful is this one, with its lovely grouping of trees, situated several miles northeast of Grand Marais, MN. Given the incredible nature of this place, I am a bit ashamed to admit that I had only visited it one other time (about five years ago) before making this image last fall.

On this recent visit, the conditions were about as good as I could ask for. The sunrise was brilliant, and good-sized waves were lapping at the rocky coast. I love showcasing the energy of the lake in my photographs and choose shutter speeds that convey this feeling in a visually pleasing way. The sun gives this image a strong visual metaphor as it is the source of [almost] all light and energy here on Earth.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

2018 Art Fair Schedule Announced (First Half of Season)


Now that the once-mythical season called "Spring" has finally arrived (in Minnesota, at least), I've been spending time preparing new work for what will surely be another busy art fair season. You will once again be able to find me exhibiting my fine art photography at a number of great events throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. The list below represents the shows I anticipate participating in through August 31. More dates will be added to my show schedule page (www.northshoreimages.com/Schedule) as they are confirmed.

Please stop in and visit if you find yourself at or near one of these events. I just might have something nice for that blank spot on the wall...

New Photographs

I am planning to exhibit several brand new photographs at the art fairs this season. Here are a few of the new images that I've had the opportunity to complete so far this year:

Evolution – Onyx Beach, Lake Superior, USA

From crashing waves to painterly wildflowers and glorious sunrises, Lake Superior's North Shore is full of iconic treasures, and I love photographing them. However, little-known scenes like this really stir my creative soul, and I strive to see them in a unique way.

This particular location had waves crashing in from both sides (I was on a narrow tombolo). It took just the right combination of waves to make this image work. The tree growing from the rocks is an American mountain-ash. If you look carefully, you can see those bright red berries that this species of tree is known for.

Stone WashSugarloaf Cove, Lake Superior, USA

Much like each stone on a Lake Superior beach, our own character is shaped over time by the waves and currents of life, making each one of us individually unique and interesting.

Making this image involved a number of trials and many errors (or should I say, "attempts") to get just the right timing and amount of incoming wave action for the artistic effect I was seeking.

Lunar Light III – Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota, USA

Those of you who have followed my work for some time have probably noticed that I have produced several iterations of the moon-directly-behind-Split Rock Lighthouse image over the years. This one is the latest one in the series from earlier this year.

Each January, if the eastern sky is mostly clear during the night of the full moon, those willing to brave the cold breeze on the shore of Lake Superior can catch a glimpse of the full moon rising directly behind the lighthouse.

I never tire of photographing this once-a-year alignment as each year presents a different atmospheric character. This time, a thick haze from the sea smoke drifting over the lake made the moon appear with an unusually soft glow.


I'm still working on several more images from the past year that will be released before the summer art fair season begins. Stay tuned . . .