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Friday, August 27, 2010

Watchdogs of the Prairie

Another digression from my typical North Shore subject matter . . .

Anyone who has visited the prairie regions of the U.S. have, no doubt, encountered these friendly, squirrel-like creatures. Prairie dogs live in "towns," primarily in the regions west of the Mississippi. These "towns" consist of a network of burrows and tunnels that provide shelter. Highly social animals, prairie dogs were named as such due to their high-pitched bark-like warning call.

This image was captured in South Dakota near Badlands National Park at a ranch where the prairie dogs roam freely and are very tame, having become accustomed to being fed by the frequent human visitors. I had no food, but, thinking I did, they still took an interest in me - even occasionally nibbling at my shoes. Their tameness allowed me to use my wide-angle lens to capture both the prairie dogs and the beautiful surroundings they call home.

This image is also available in the northshoreimages.com computer desktop wallpaper collection.

State Fair

If you go to the Minnesota State Fair, head over to the Fine Arts Building where you will find this photograph along with many other interesting works of art, in a variety of media, created by talented artists from across Minnesota. This photo will be on exhibit throughout the duration of the fair.

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