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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Multnomah Falls & Updated Art Fair Schedule

Greetings everyone!

I want to offer a big thank you to all who have come to visit me at one of my first four art fairs of the year. The year have been very successful so far and I have met a lot of great people.

Over the next several weeks, I will be bringing my work to the Northland (northeastern MN) and Fargo, ND. I last exhibited my work at an art fair in the Northland back in 2012, so I'm really excited to be returning. My show schedule now includes events through mid-September. Please stop in and visit if you are nearby!

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls – Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA

If you've been to my art fair booth this year, you might have caught a glimpse of, or perhaps been wowed by, this new image. I actually captured this image about two years ago when I was in Oregon for the first time and (finally!) got around to processing and releasing it.

In making this image, I used a 24mm tilt-shift lens, which is a special kind of lens that allows the photographer to maintain control of perspective (the shift part). This means that straight lines stay straight throughout the photograph. With a standard lens, I would have had to point the camera at an upward angle, introducing converging lines toward the top. To support the strong, narrow, and graceful vertical drop of the falls, I wanted to keep all vertical lines as such, and therefore, used this lens, shifted upward. This also happens to be one of the sharpest lenses I own—the detail in this image is exquisite!

*Note: A tilt-shift lens' also allows the photographer to adjust the plane of focus (tilt). I didn't use that function for this image since the plane of focus was already in line with my subject.

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  1. You should try the lens in California up in the Sequoia National Park. A regular lens just doesn't do it. There are plenty of trees to work with.


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