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Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Snow at the Cascades

Northlanders know quite well that winter can hold its grip on Northeastern Minnesota well into spring. While nature's calendar now finally seems to be synchronizing with our own with warm temperatures and even bouts of severe weather, just a few short weeks ago, the North Shore received a seemingly requisite spring coating of snow.

Snow adds a distinct dimension to the rushing spring waterfalls of the area. Most people view the waterfalls in a sea of green, during the summer, at the height of travel season. In the middle of winter, when the ground is covered in white, often the falls are partially or completely frozen. There are only a few moments in the fall or spring in which the falls are running and the landscape has elements of white.

I made this photograph at one of my favorite waterfalls on the North Shore - the cascades along the Cascade River. The river was swollen with spring runoff that seemed like it was on a race to meet Lake Superior. This snow was perfect as it clung to the trees for quite some time, leaving an image to behold.

Even in these northern reaches, when winter makes its appearance, it retreats fairly rapidly at this time of year. The sun predominated the following day and melted much of the snow.

The rivers and waterfalls along the North Shore remain very active as recent rains have continued to fuel their awesome power and grandeur.

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